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Wine Capital of India

District Nashik of Mumbai is famous for its mythological, social, historical and cultural significances. It is located at the banks of River Godavari. However, no written historical record found to reveals the history of the city but it is said that it present here during the time of Lord Rama as when lord Rama with his consort Sita and younger brother Laxman stayed here for long time during their Vanvasa (14 years stay in forest). It is said that Laxman cut Shurpankha’s nose at this place that is why it was known as Nasik. Another saying is that Bhagvan Vishnu defeated main three cruel demons in the city and the city was known as Trikantak. As per the historical records, this province was occupied by Mughals emperors and called as Gulchanabad.

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Attractions of City

Muktidham temple is complete white temple and the reason behind using pure white color is the holiness along with peace that comes. Muktidham is a place that is located at a distance of 7 kms. more arrow

How to Reach Nashik

The nearest airport Ozar airport is situated about 24 kilometers far from the center of city. Deccan airways and Kingfisher airlines used to provide flights to city Mumbai from two years ago however later it were taken off as passengers lack. more arrow

Maps, Tahsils & Villages of Nashik

In the Indian state of Maharashtra, Nasik is a tehsil. The gender proportion of females is comparatively higher than males. Almost majority of the population is from schedule caste and tribes. Here the literacy rate is roughly average in which males are more educated then women. The tehsil has got some nearby sights for its tourism. more arrow

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Map Of Nashik

Nasik or Nashik is an administrative center of district Nashik and its division, situated at the north-west of state Maharashtra, India. It is about 180 km far form main city Mumbai and about 202 kilometers far from city Pune.

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Train Schedule

The railway station of Nashik is situated at the Nasik Road in the Nashik city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is located at an average elevation of 563 m above the sea level. The railway station of Nashik.

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Commuting In Nashik

The transport corporation of Maharashtra state provides best bus services to many cities, villages and towns. Around Nashik, bus services provider provide bus transport from many bus terminals.

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Chitrarao Khatarkar is a beautiful water kund by the name of Ramkund. The total area of this kund comprises of 27 m to that of 12 m in total. There is also an old belief that goes along with this holy tank which says that during the exile period of Rama and Sita, they used to bath in this holy tank.

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City Update

Nasik is the metropolitan city of Maharashtra which lies between the cities Mumbai and Pune. It is located in the north of the state. 

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